Monday, July 12, 2010

Priceless. . .

The Harker Boys have officially started their show careers. Luke and his heifer, Sunshine, spent the week in Indianapolis at Hereford Jr. Nationals. Luke competed in livestock judging and showmanship, in addition to showing Sunshine. It was a magical moment for our family.

As I look back at our week on the road, I think about the costs that went into the trip and the heifer.
Meals for the week. . .$276.38
Hotel room for the week. . .$290.52
Feed. . .$XXX
Hereford heifer. . .$X,000

But the bond that a little boy and his heifer, Sunshine, share is priceless.

Now I understand why my grandfather bought an Angus heifer for me 35 years ago. There are things in this life that you cannot place a value on. . .there are things that are priceless.