Saturday, June 26, 2010

Antiques. . .or Junktique

Antique. . .something old and unique, aged to perfection or unusual.
Antiques. . .I like them. I like old signs, old Americana, things that tell a history about me, a history about farming, pieces that are functional but unique and anything that reflects beauty. I have an addiction to certain types of aged and unique antiques. Some may call if junk, some may call it clutter, some may call it a real treasure. I call them MINE!

This cherry dresser is the first antique that Danny & I bought together. We used the cash from our wedding gifts and made our first "investment". I love cherry wood!

This was our latest purchase while traveling the roads of southern Indiana celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.

This is my history. I'm a seventh generation Angus breeder, a descendant of Alexander Cook.

The first calf I ever fitted for a show, I used this glycerine soap to pull the hair on the legs. Does that age me?!?!?I DO NOT miss those days!!

I like to use my antiques in a variety of ways. This old ladder makes the perfect arch for my clematis.

This old wash stand is great for holding planted pots. And also great for hiding the dent in the garage where someone hit it!

Does anyone recognize the name "Colbert"? If you are an Angus or Hereford breeder you should. The Gillooly family resides in Washington, Indiana.

My most recent purchase. . .an old ice box that Danny and I found at a flea market early this summer. Too bad, I didn't have my summer bonus check in hand or I would have come home with a walnut dresser too!!

Whether it be junktique or antique. . .they are treasures to those who own them!!! Happy shopping!

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  1. Love all this! I'm sure Kyle would love the Colbert bag. I also admire your creativity in using them to display your plants. Luke and I have caught the antique bug too... next time we drive to Indiana we're thinking of pulling a trailer just so we aren't limited in space! Yeah... its THAT bad!