Monday, January 24, 2011

The Joy List

As a working mother, I can't function without a list. Grocery list. To do list. Calving list. School work list. Bucket list. Laundry list. List for packing items for cattle shows. It feels as though my life consists of nothing but marking off items on a list and making new ones. I'm tired of lists! Or wait, maybe it's an addicition?!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hearing Mark Mayfield speak. He was captivating and comedial. He talked about the differences between men and women...number one, of course, being how we handle the remote control. He talked about distancing yourself from the stress of life and from the negative daily news. Mark also talked about making "Mirth", adding comedy to your work and daily lives. But the one piece of information Mark talked about that stuck in my brain was a "Joy list".

Joy List. That sparked some thoughts. Joy List. Why haven't I created a Joy list? Joy List. Wow - I have so many things to be thankful for in my life. Joy List. I think I'll start one this week and keep it going. Joy List. This is the kind of list. Joy List. An ever-going list of things that lift me up, bring joy to my life and put a smile on my face.

Here is the my Joy List.

1. My husband - I can't imagine living one single day without him and his remote control habits! His brings such joy to my life!

2. My boys - There is no JOY in the world that can replace the joy of giving birth and being a parent!

3. My rural upbringing - Oh the country life! How sweet it is to smell fresh mown hay or to have the wind blow in your face while you work cows or to see a thunder storm roll in.

4. Angus cows - I am a 7th generation Angus breeder. My Angus cows have taken me places I would not have traveled had it not been for my love of these black beauties.

5. Scoliosis - I am thankful that 22 years ago when they discovered I had scoliosis, that it was just scoliosis itself making such a sharp curve and not a tumor, like the doctor had suspected. I am also thankful for the experience of wearing a plastic brace for four years. It made me realize the truth in knowing that a person's real beauty comes from within.

6. Flower Garden - I love flowers! I have flower gardens all around my house. Each spring I look through my files, my magazines, and my books. I tear out one small garden and plant new flowers. I can't get enough of my flowers.

7. The pond - my grandparents have a small farm pond on their 200 acre farm. My child hood memories are filled with trips to "the pond". The fishing, cookouts, sleep overs, the outhouse, catching frogs at night or tadpoles during the day, and seeing the deer tracks in the mud. I have made sure that my boys are making memories of "the pond".


My Joy List is just starting. I encourage you to start your Joy List today!

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  1. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing yours, many of which I can relate too.