Saturday, January 8, 2011

My living room has been taken over by....

Call me the Grinch, but there's something about the aftermath of Christmas that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. For example, my living room. I haven't seen the floor in it since December 25th...when the chaos started. It's been covered with:
and more legos,
and books,
and race track parts,
and bakugans,
and battheship game pieces,
and empty boxes,
and candy wrappers,
and...well, you know where this is headed.

What's taken up the most space has been the Harker Brothers cattle operation. We have three corrals, a hay yard, a few grain bins and a grain leg, and more trucks and trailers than most cental Kansas feed yards!
The last count was fifteen trucks, semis, livestock trailers, flat bed trailers, and grain trailers. I'm sure my insurance agent would set them up with a great deal!

We even have Lego telehandler to move hay and straw with.

We are not a selective operation, we will take cattle of any color! Notice the round bale feeder.
 It's a metal round bale feeder, sure to last longer than the cheap plastic one.

We had to use wooden blocks to build our own loading ramp.
Notice more metal gates...I'll tell you more about this at the bottom of this post.

Yikes, looks like the pinto beans shifted and caused the grain truck to spill over.
Gotta love those pinto beans...makes farming realistic for little boys!

The metal chute with a working side gate. Squirrel and Bugs said it was time for vaccinations!

Boy this scene looks familiar! Looks like someone forgot to close the gate.
Guess I'll need to have a talk with the hired man (aka dad)!
This is a working corral panel with a swing gate...yet, another plus about metal gates.

If I could tally the money I have spent on plastic farm toys in the last five years, I would have a heart attack. Why? Because 90% of those plastic toys have landed in the trash because they were cheap.

 So, for those of you who have children that love to farm,
you must visit
They have corral pens, cattle chutes, loading ramps, round bale feeders, and so many more things. 
Warning - they are not cheap...but so worth the money.

We had a load of cattle that shift on snow last night,causing the driver to lose control and run off the road.
He ran straight into the corral. There were no fatalities...including the metal gates!! However, mom is going to have a talk with the lead foot driver!

What can I say...I'm a mom who loves her little boys.
So I will continue to let my living room be taken over by toys!

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