Friday, February 11, 2011

Empire of the Summer Moon

I did it. I followed through on one of my News Years' resolutions. I read a non-fiction book and I must say, a pretty good book.

My father and my sister are big history buffs. They love to read about history. I had not read much history or non-fiction....not since I was forced to in high school. My challenge to myself was to increase my knowledge of American History, so I set out west.

Empire of the Summer Moon by S. C. Gwynne is riveting and powerful, a true masterpiece of the Texas Frontier in the 19th century and a vivid description of one of the most ruthless Indian tribes, the Comanches. It details the kidnapping of Cynthia Ann Parker by the "lords of the plains", the Comanches, and her decision to stay with the Comanches than return to her white family, chosing to live with one of the most ruthless, vile and powerful Indian tribes.

I read this book in less than three weeks. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Mr. Gwynne talks about Samuel Colt, Jack Hays, Randall Sidle Mackenzie, Sul Ross and Quanah Parker, all instrumental figures that shaped the Texas Frontier. He makes history fun, exciting and colorful.

For example, he briefly mentions General George Armstrong Custer.  Did you know that General Custer was 34 out of 34 in his class at West Point? Interesting and wonder he and his troops were so viciously defeated at the battle of the Little Big Horn.

For my first book about the Comanches and the Texas Frontier, I can say I was interested and intrigued enough that I would read another book of this topic.

If you are interested in reading this one, let me know. I'll gladly share!

Happy Reading!


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