Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love Calving Season

Most families live through the winter for the basketball season or the beginning of the NASCAR racing season, but at Harker Simmentals, we live for calving season. Living on a cattle farm doesn't get much better during January, February and March. Why? Babies! Lots and lots of bouncing baby bull and heifer calves.

Imagine being a nurse working in a maternity ward with a bunch of mothers who can't talk. Twelve to thirteen hundred pound mothers who have more estrogen running through their bodies than an average woman! That's why So deals with every day. Momma cows who don't want you touching their baby!

What mother can resist a face like this? Serioulsy, don't you just want to hold her and squeeze and love her!

They are no different than humans. The older they get, the more intrigued they are by this creature on two legs. Are you bringing me feed? Are you going to pet me? Who are you and what do you want?

There is no better love than the love shared between man and animal.


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