Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pretty New Jewels.....and a reason why

My mom needs a new necklace.  Why?

She has a new grandson!
I have been searching for a new charm necklace for grandma or gmom, as she is known.  I love this one.....

I love this Dainty Drops Necklace over at The Vintage Pearl. Grandma could have all four grandsons on one necklace.

Or how about this adorable Eclectic charm bracelet!

Of course, while I was window shopping, I couldn't resist looking for something for myself. Hey - if I'm paying for shipping, I might as well get my dollar's worth!  I love these earrings!

And then there is this adorable vintage rose necklace.

I had better stop now....while I'm ahead and my pocket book isn't behind.  Visit The Vintage Pearl!


  1. I love charms! My grandmother had 13 grandchildren, and a charm similar to these ( for each of us... the back of each was engraved our first name and our birthdate. When she passed away, the bracelet was broken down and we were each given the charm with our name. I have since started my own bracelet, and have added 2 charms, one for each of our boys! I'll have to post about it sometime... Love the birthstone idea, too!

  2. I love the Vintage Pearl! I have those pearl earrings!!! I love them!

  3. Jill, I have that necklace and LOVE IT! Mr. M got it for me for mother's day this year. i'm gettig one for Gma Char for christmas. I cant wait to hear what you end up getting.

  4. I absolutely love The Vintage Pearl...vintage-y stuff is my kinda thing and those necklaces are certainly so! Have fun picking one out!