Friday, July 22, 2011

Entomology 1 and DONE

Enomology 1 is finished.  Time to celebrate!

Bugs and I sure learned a lot during this process. The hows and whys on the indentification and pinning of bugs is enough to give anyone a migraine! 

For example, did you know that there is a June Bug and a May Beetle?

May Bug

 June Beetle

I had no clue there was a difference, but I do now. And so does Bugs.

And did you know how easy it is to break off an antennae.

I do now. And so does Bugs. (Let's just say, he's not going to let me forget it anytime soon.)

But through it all, Bugs prevailed and his project was finished.  He earned a blue ribbon on it and eventually garnered a blue honor and reserve division champion!  Yeah Bugs!

Now it's time to start collecting for next year.....he only needs 20 bugs.  Think I have enough in my freezer?  Ummmmm, never mind, I don't want to show you my freezer......then you might now come over for supper.

With Love from the house with creepy crawlies in the frig!!


  1. That is a neat 4-H project. Wonder if it's his first year? You both took a lot time and effort and it paid off!

  2. congratulations! looks awesome. your such a great mom to those boys.