Friday, July 1, 2011

Entomology 102

When I said YES, I did not realize what it meant to the fullest extent.

Entomology is challenging to say the least.

Catching and freezing the insects is the easy part. Like this moth.......we caught him on the side of the Walgreens store in Columbus. 

Lesson Learned: ALWAYS carry a bug net and sandwich bags in your car.  You never know what you might see in town!

Bugs hard at work. Trying to figure out how to pin an insect without breaking off any body parts is H A R D!  Let's just say that I am 2 for 4 on breaking off at least one antennae!  

And when I asked Bugs if he thought it felt like home work.....completing the bug cards (see above).   He blurted out, "No mom, this is more fun than home work!"  YIKES! I think that means I had better purchase a larger freezer. I think we are in this project for the long haul.......10th year entomology = 100 bugs!

Save me!

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  1. It definitely looks hard. Your hubby judged the beef show at our fair! I told my hubs that I "knew" him from blogland;0) He did a great job!