Saturday, October 22, 2011

How Many Pairs of Coveralls Does Your Man Own?

It's my annual fall clean out of the mud room closet. Each year before calving season starts, I attack our mud room closet.

It's amazing what I find. 

And amazing what I can hide.  My desk is in this picture somewhere!

For example, my So has seven, yes, seven pairs of coveralls.  Of course, that's not including the wind/snow pants. 

There's a pile of windbreakers.

A pile of fleeces.

And of course, boots.

Really, how many pairs can he wear at once? I'm going to take a stab at it...ONE!!

I know for a fact that there are 14 pairs of boots in the mess on the floor with the sweeper in this picture. five of those belong to Squirrel and Bugs and two belong to me.....that still leaves seven for So.

There's a good pile on the floor for Goodwill or first come.....most of the fleeces and windbreakers are large.

Tell me about your mud room adventures!

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