Sunday, January 22, 2012

Marked For Life

In our word of calving cows, life is usually pretty normal.

Cows have calves. Ninty-five percent of the time, they have one calf. This year we have not had any twins. (I hope I'm not speaking too quickly - we only have another 60 cows to calve and 40 of those are due within 7 days of each other!)  Occasionally we have to help a cow have her calf, but that's very rare.  And occasionally we have to help a calf get started nursing a cow.  Sometimes it's because the cow had such a hard labor that it makes the calf a little slow getting started, so we help out.

Most of the calves are solid black, solid red, or black white face. The black/white face calves are usually solid black with this nice strip of white down the middle of it's head.  Rarely is the white in unusual shapes....until this year. 

We have one calf that has one half of it's face black and the other white. 

And then there's Ducky or Goosey or Dr. Seuss.....we are still working on the name.

Can you see it? The duck? The goose smoking a cigar? 

Squirrel and Bugs both think it looks like a character from Dr. Seuss.

What do you think?

Either way, this little calf is marked for life.  When we talk about this heifer, we won't talk about her with her ID or her name, it will be about the mark on her head!

Stay tuned......maybe we'll end with with another creature!!

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  1. We had a bull born last week with 2 red spots on his red, the place where horns could be. I haven't seen one like that before. You have lots of babies now! LOL, we only have 3, with one more to go...but, as I know with you, each one is loved and proud of!! :)