Sunday, February 21, 2010

Disney World

In January, my parents took Luke and Chase to DisneyWorld for three days. My father had a veterinary convention in Orlando, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to expose the boys to the excitement of Disney.

They had a great time! They spent one day at the Magic Kingdom and two days at Animal Kingdom.

The boys were able to ride on various rides and see many forms of wildlife. My parents tried to get Chase to have his picture taken with Pocahontas but apparently  pretty girls scare him. So, he opted for his picture with Zerg, the evil warrior from Toy Story. Luke. . .he didn't pass up the opportunity to have his picture taken with Pocahontas.

Of course, we sent a little spending money with the boys. My parents took them shopping at one of the stores. Chase, being the unique individual that he is, purchased a Goofy hat. He takes such pride in that Goofy hat, not to mention the Goofy sweatshirt which he has worn every week since his return from Florida.

Luke's great purchase was LEGOS. I have enough legos in my house to build a small treehouse. I can't pin 100% of the blame on Luke as I have 25% of those legos too. It took him an entire hour to build his new lego. . .and that was in the first hour he had returned home.

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