Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stories to Tell Their Children

Right now, we are making stories of our own. Stories of life, growing up and our daily adventures. It's fun!

Someday, I hope to have grandchildren to tell those stories to. The stories of how Luke showed his first heifer, Sunshine, at his first cattle show. It was a proud moment, not only for mom & dad, but for two sets of grandparents, his brother, his aunt, his uncles, his cousin and his friends.

 It was a thrilling moment for Luke. . . he won first place in his first class! He was giving every one high fives and talking about the opporunity to show for Champion Hereford. But to his parents, he did it! He lead that heifer around the ring like a champion. We saw ourselves again. It was a joyous moment that we will never forget.

And someday, I hope to have not just grandchildren, but great-grandchildren. I want to listen to their laughter and their tales. I want to be kissed on both cheeks by my grandsons and I want to give my great-grandchildren the experience of knowing more than two generations of my family.

And, also, someday, I hope to remind my boys of how silly, crazy, goofy, and entertaining they can be!

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