Sunday, January 30, 2011

Farm Kid Saturday

The life of a farm kid....

Living on the farm is quite different than living in the city or even a small house in the country. The adventures, mischief and life experiences are unlimited. Mother Nature has so many different assets to keep young children active and busy.

As a child, I would spend my Saturdays not in the house watching Saturday morning cartoons, but outside, depending on the season. There were many Saturdays spent searching the farm for the next great hidden treasure or rare creature. My sister and I spent hours searching for the newest litter of kittens, checking cows for standing heat (we earned $.25 per cow), and hours playing with in the sand & dirt.

Of course, winter brought on many challenges for us with the cold temperatures, but that's when the true joy of being a farm kid occurred.  My sister and I would hide in the stacked straw or hay bales anxiously waiting for a cow to give birth on Saturdays and many week night evenings the highlight of our week would be getting to see a new baby calf. As we grew older, we would eventually be responsible for helping dad, resident veterinarian, pull calves.

This Saturday for Squirrel and Bugs was no different than my Saturdays 25 years ago.

Their trek down by the creek. They saw deer, rabbit, coyote and squirrel tracks.

New born baby...not more than 1 hour old. Oh the joys of watching a new baby be born!

Straw bales to climb on!'s best friend and the best friend two little boys could have.

Mom...what is Sally eating? We'll save that explanation for another day!!

Watch for more Farm Kid Saturdays!


  1. Love it Jill! Couldnt agree more. and as far as the last picture, at least it wasnt something else farm dogs love to eat! we castrated a calf last week, and our heeler was a happy boy.

  2. I think you just told the story for every farm kid that ever lived Jill! Great pics and what a fun life our kids are lucky enough to live!!!!

  3. Nice pictures and story.
    Love the new born calf picture.

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