Monday, February 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday

1. Birth Day - We celebrated a lot of births yesterday. Five to be exact. I just love this time of year. Nothing is more exciting that watching the birth of a baby calf!

2. Calcium - Attention all ladies, girls, chicks, mommacitas, and gals. If you are not getting your regular dose of calcium intake, then I you should be taking a calcium supplement. Osteoporsis is not fun....and neither are broken bones.

3. Super Bowl - And yet another super bowl has come and gone with me starring at the back of my eyelids. Yes, I prefer sleep over football.

4. Vegetables - The Harker Family is on a new adventure....trying new vegetables. Last week we ate parsnips. Not bad. I could eat them again. This week, turnips. Next week....definitely NOT brussel sprouts. I was warned of a potential divorce by SO if I served brussel sprouts! I have two words for my beloved SO - FUN HATER!

5. My ipod - Is on it's last leg. Fellow readers - do you have one, which one and do you like it? Advice greatly appreciated!

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  1. I have and iPod touch and I love it!! I got it a couple years ago. I actually got it on and it came with a bunch of accessories and the total cost was less than buying only the iPod through Apple.

    How do you even prepare parsnips/turnips? You might be inspiring me to try that too!