Saturday, February 26, 2011

And he says I have too many clothes.......

This is the time of year when a majority of the wives of livestock farmers start noticing a certain aroma in their house. They search high and low.

Is it a mouse?

Did someone forget to take out the trash?

Who stepped in dog poop and didn't clean their shoes off?

And then it hits a ton of bricks!

The barn clothes!

The layers of baby goo, cow poo, water, feed, medicine, and who knows what other kind of juices are becoming their own science experiment.

They been collecting since November! There's probably some new type of mold growing on the leg of those coveralls!

I also take count, inventory of my So's collection of outdoor clothes.

Often I hear, you needed another sweater? Another pair of shoes?

Shall I give you the inventory of barn clothes hanging on the wall:

2 pairs of coveralls
2 hooded sweatshirts
3 hooded coats
2 jackets
6 baseball hats
2 sock caps

And that doesn't count what is in the closet! More coats, jackets, fleeces, windbreakers, ski pants and coveralls.

Can you guess what I am going to do this wonderful Saturday? Give my washing machine a run for its money and break out the Oxyclean, ammonia and degreaser!

But I wouldn't trade my life for anything! I love the poo, goo, and the aromas that come with it!


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