Friday, March 4, 2011 sets in everytime.....


It sets in everytime the weather man says "several inches of rain".

It sets in everytime I hear the words "flood warning".

I have come to have a strong dislike of rain.


I lived through the flood of June of 2008. So did many other people in the counties of Shelby, Bartholomew, Morgan, and Johnson counties.

We were fortunate. We didn't lose much but soil and fence.

Our bovines were safe.

Our boys were safe.

Our blessings were too numerous to count.

A car that was swept off the road in the terrential rains.

9 inches in a few hours........didn't know what Mother Nature's furry was really like.

The elderly man that drove this van was rescued. The dent in the door is from the rescue boat ramming it to open it. The elderly man had no injuries.

The dam and the road along the edge of the dam at Schaeffer Lake.

Jaw dropping.


Squirrel was two at the time. The ditch washed out more than his heighth in inches.

We live in Indiana....we think we live a relatively safe life when it comes to Mother Nature's events. Not so.

After living through that flood, I have a reason to be paranoid, on edge, and alarmed, when the weatherman says "several inches of rain".


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  1. Praying that you all have an uneventful rainfall. We are dealing with lots of snow in Maine. Once it starts to melt than we will deal with paranoia here.