Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Nightly News is a Bunch of Hooey

Several weeks ago, I was at a work related event and listened to a motivational speaker who was truly moving. He made one request of us at the event.....turn off the evening news for a week. He guaranteed it would improve our attitude and mood.

His words have lingered in my memory for several weeks now.

It seems so simply.....turn off the evening news for one week. But I still have my doubts. Can I survive?

Then I read a good friend's blog, KC at Over My Head and I realized that it was that simple.
Our good friend, Christy Couch Lee, Cee Lee Communications , has written a great article about life and how quickly it can change.  It's a touching story about a family and how Braham cattle brought them such joy. Christy's article, The Gift of the Braham, will bring you to tears, just as it did for KC and I.

It's an important reminder of the simple things in life and how truly important they are. I celebration of Christy's masterpiece and to add a little ray of sunshine in my life, I am turning off the evening news for a week.

Can you do the same?



  1. I get the Sunday and Wednesday papers and read them. I hate the news:( Thanks for reading the blog and CCL's story. She has such an amazing gift!

  2. That's so funny that you mentioned turning off the news...I've decided to do that on Monday! I would watch it in the morning, at noon, and the evening news while making supper. It's all mostly negative and I would feel drained while sitting down with my family to eat supper after watching the 5 o'clock news. In a matter of days, I have felt more relaxed and, I don't know, less informed, but in a good way! It's kinda nice not to know everything that is happening in the world...