Sunday, March 13, 2011

Uh Oh, somebody left a gate open.....

There it was. On the road.

Perfect. Brown and circular in shape.

Not more than a few hours old.

It shouldn't be on the road.....and look that nice.

This could mean really big trouble with lots of headaches involved.

Not a good sign!

Just a cowpie in the road. Why should I be panicing?

Of course, it's from the neighbors Holstein's....not our GOOD beef cows. Our girls wouldn't go through an open gate and walk around aimlessley.


Like father in the Twas Night Before Christmas poem, I sped up the drive, came to a screeching hault, thru open the doors and looked anxiously around.


In the middle of the barn.

Three momma cows and their babies.

And lots and lots of hay and straw strewn all over the barn.

And one open gate.

Bad Girls. Bad, bad, bad girls!

You have no business being on the road. There's enough food right here!

Bad, bad, bad feed man for not double checking and making sure the gate was latched.

But no one was hurt! WHEW!

Lesson of the day: Note to self and everyone who was in the barn.....don't just make sure you close the gate, make sure it latches too!!!

The Management

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