Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I learned from my mom.......

Sharon Harrold Sommers circa mid 1960s - This was her Hereford Steer that won the county fair.

Mildred Harrold and three of her great-grandsons, 2010

There are many things my mother taught my sister and I about life, love, and laughter. There are also many things that my grandmother, Mildred Harrold, also taught my mother and the two of us. So, in celebration of those two great wonderful ladies, my mom, my sister and I thought we would comprise the top 10 pieces of advice they have given us throughout the years.

10.Looking for luck.....Grandma taught my mom how to look for 4 leaf clovers and at 9 years of age, my mom taught me how to look for 4-leafed clovers. I still stare down while walking, not looking for cowpies, but 4-leafed clovers.

9. "I brought you into this world and I can take you out."  Those sweet words a mother thinks quite often but rarely says. Of course, I pushed the button a few too many times and out popped these words. And you can bet, she was serious!

8. You don't need a man to do anything. Period. Maybe that's I'm so independent?

7. Life is to short to not laugh at yourself.

6. It's okay to act and speak like a man in the barn, but the moment you leave, you need to return to being a smart, well versed, intelligent young woman. In other words, we were taught how to be a tomboy in a dress.

5. Don't ever be greedy or jealous.

4. Be dedicated and persevere in everything you do.

3. Don't yell at a man. Yelling will get you nowhere fast. You must talk to them in a nice, caring tone, especially when you need something. You have to convince them that it is their idea.

2. Speak volumes by saying little or nothing at all. 

1. Don't change who you are for anyone. I love you exactly the way you are!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in my life!


  1. This is incredible... #3 & #6 are So right on! Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!

  2. Very wise words!! Hope you had a great Mother's Day Jill!!