Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Call me G.W.

My youngest, Squirrel, thinks that John Wayne hung the moon.  He practically knows the movie McLintock by heart.  We have 9 John Wayne movies on DVD and all the DVDs recently made the 9 hour trip to Kansas City for the Junior National Hereford Expo.

Our trip started out with Rio Bravo.  Squirrel could be heard saying "Sorry don't get it done, Dude. That's the second time you hit me. Don't ever do it again."

Next followed True Grit.  Squirrel just can't quite figure out where the nickname "Rooster" came from. Throughout the week, you could hear Squirrel telling one of his buddies that he picks on, "You are a lot of trouble."

He ended his trip with his favorite John Wayne Movie.....McLintock. Quite often he can be heard walking around the house saying, "But I won't. I won't. The hell I won't."

We often have to ask him what he means.....he smiles and says, "Just call me G.W.".

Here's the a true legend.....Long Live The Duke!

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  1. Ha ha I love John Wayne too! What a cute kid!