Saturday, October 1, 2011

Save Your Feed Bags

My seamstress has been really busy as of late.

Really busy.

Okay, so let me clarify a few things. 

I don't really have a seamstress.

My grandmother is my seamstress. She lives to sew. I mean lives to sew.

So, this summer when my Purina Mills feed rep. gave me a feed bag with literature in it......the light bulb came on. 

What a great idea for my grandmother!  She's 91 years old....soon to be 92.....and needs a fall/winter project. 

So, we started saving our Purina Mills feed bags and asked our  rep to give us a few of their Breast Cancer bags.

Squirrel is modeling Purina's Breast Cancer Awareness Bag from last year.

These bags are great. I took mine to the state fair, drug it across the cement and sat it in water. 

The contents stayed dry and my bag never tore.  Plus, they are great to use at the grocery store!

My grandma thought it was a great idea! She made her first one 48 hours from seeing my sample...with a dog food bag!

She's made 10 bags to date.

So, save those feed bags.....I might now a lady that would be willing to sew a few for you for a small fee. 

I have a few of them for sale.  Drop me an email!


  1. you have far fancier feed bags then we get. ours are white with green and red lettering,no pictures,they are some sort of woven plastic,strong but ugly.

  2. I can't seem to find your email on here..anyway, I have a few layer feed bags like you pictured and I'd like to make my own...could you post or email me the instructions? I'm sure it's not very complicated. :) Thanks...