Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

Foster Parents

This week at Harker Simmentals, we are thankful for foster parents. It has been a rough week. We don't like to have baby calves that don't have mommas. The best milk they can get is their mother's milk. But when their mother's aren't able to do the job, we step foster mothers.

One momma cow dried up.

No more milk.


Nada, nothing.

So, her heifer calf became orphan #1.

Met Violet.

And met Violet's foster parents - Squirrel and Bugs.

The other momma, well, she's batting 0 for 2. A year ago, I had a post about Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea's story

Her momma didn't want her.

Her momma tried to kill her.

So, Squirrel and Bugs took her under their wing and memories were made. But, Harker Simmentals likes to give animals mother "one more try".

Well, yesterday, Sweet Pea's mother calved again. Only a few words can describe what happened yesterday.



Near death experience.


Yet again, she didn't want her calf. To avoid any injury to the calf, my hubby pulled him from his mother and gave Violet a play mate.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bubba.

Met Bubba's foster parents - Squirrel and Bugs.



Now Squirrel and Bugs don't have to argue over who gets to feed the calf because they each have one to feed.

I have never seen two little boys in heaven.

Pure bliss.


More memories.

They are already talking about giving them bathes and chasing them around the barn and loving them and haltering breaking them.....just like a couple of mothers talking about their children.

This is what life is all about.

Violet and Bubba.

The small, simple things in life.....being a foster parent.


Thankful Thursdays

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  1. So sweet!! This week, Jaden wanted to take his manure spreader to the sitter. I told him when we got there, "Don't forget to bring it home!" And the sitter said, "No one else has toys like that." :) When he starts talking coherent sentences, I bet they'll get an education!