Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BOOtiful Pumpkins

I love fall! 

There is not another season I like to decorate for anymore than fall.....probably because you can leave the decorations out for multiple occassions - Halloween & Thanksgiving.  Now that life is finally returning to normal and slowing down. I can start being crafty again. And cooking again.

I found this cute idea on the internet and couldn't resist making one of my own.

It was realtively inexpensive to make this craft.  I had about $7.50 for the pumpkin and some buttons.  The ribbon and hot glue gun and glue sticks I had on hand.

Of course, it helped that I had extra buttons floating around. I save my extra buttons and then cut off buttons on any piece of clothing that doesn't go to Goodwill. You know, sometimes those farmers are a little hard on shirts.  There's been plenty of So's shirts that have found their way to the trash can.......diesel fuel, grease, paint, too much baby calf goo, etc.

It only took me about 15 minutes to make this darling pumpkin. It's quick, simple and easy!

My one piece of advice.....don't get too carried away putting the glue on the buttons.......it can ooze through the holes and burn your fingers. Don't worry....I didn't lose any flesh!

And one other helpful tidbit.....lay your buttons out in the design you want before glueing them on.   Helps you get a good feel for what you are doing, especially since the pumpkin does not have a flat surface.

Happy Crafting!

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